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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Shared Google Drive

Learning how to create a shared Google Drive allows you to master the core function of Google Workspace. Unlike the files in My Drive that are limited to a particular individual, a shared Google Drive has secure cloud storage and grants access permissions to multiple persons. With many teams now working from home, having a shared Drive makes remote work easy.

This article will show you the steps to create a shared Google Drive so that you and your team can work more efficiently together. Continue reading this article to discover what a shared Google Drive is, its uses, and other vital information about Google.

What Is a Shared Google Drive?

A shared Google Drive is a shared cloud-based application where teams can easily store, search, and share files with each other. Anyone in the shared Google Drive can access the files anywhere and from any device. Unlike those in My Drive, files in a shared Drive belong to the team rather than an individual.

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By creating a Google Workspace account with your email address, Drive users can complete a variety of projects and store files in cloud Google Drives. Of the five most popular cloud storage services, Google Drive provides the highest amount of free storage at 15GB.

Uses of a Shared Google Drive

  • Templates. A shared drive creates templates that can be copied and reused by all team members of the group such as managers, content managers, and editors.
  • Collaboration. A shared Google Drive is a perfect collaboration tool that enables seamless collaboration and content creation with relevant people using a sharable link. You can reply to comments on online documents and communicate with team members using Google Meet which has a built-in functionality with Google Drive.
  • Storage of sensitive files: With a shared Google Drive, you can store and secure sensitive Drive files and team content. You can add extra security to limit access, such as access permissions. A shared Drive allows for cloud storage and cloud backup functionality.

Creating a Shared Google Drive: Step-by-Step

  1. Create a shared Drive
  2. Add members and set access levels
  3. Change members’ access levels
  4. Remove members

Steps to Create a Shared Google Drive: In-Depth

1. Create a Shared Drive

The first step of creating a Shared Drive is to open Google Drive and click Shared Drive on the left. If you already have an existing team Drive, you’ll be able to find it here. At the top-left corner, click New and then click Create. To create a shared Drive, you must first create a Google Workspace account using your email address.

2. Add Members and Set Access Limits

Click on Shared Drives on the left and double-click one of your Google Shared Drives to manage the access setting. Click Manage members at the top to add names, email addresses, or a Google Group.

A new member must have a Google account and, once added, automatically becomes a content manager by default. To change permissions, sharing settings, and the access level for new members, click the down arrow and choose from one of the permission options. After choosing an option, click Send. To notify new members, click Notify People.

3. Change Members Access Levels

Changing member access levels requires manager access permission to complete. Next to the shared Drive name, there will be a tab in the drop-down menu called Manage Members. This shows a list of the Google Shared Drive members and their current level of access. By clicking the down arrow next to a member’s name, you’ll be able to change it. After that, click Done.

4. Remove Members

To remove members, click on the arrow next to the shared Drive name and select Manage Members. Click the down arrow next to a member’s name or email address and select Remove Member, and click Done.

How to Learn More About Google

  • Online courses: Online courses are perfect for learning Google Workspace, formerly G-Suite. They are convenient, easy, and can be done remotely. There is a range of online courses such as the Google Digital Garage, Google Sites training, and Google Workspace training.
  • Books: If you are not interested in online courses, books are also a great way to learn Google G-Suite. Books are a great option if you want to learn at your own pace and prefer a visual aid that you can reference often and easily.
  • Practice: After you have studied Google through online classes and books, you will need to put what you’ve learned into practice. By continually practicing your new knowledge, you will master it over time. 

How to Create a Shared Google Drive FAQs

Is a shared Google Drive secure?

Yes, a shared Google Drive is secure. If you use Google Drive for school or work and there are any suspicious activities, Google will notify you. You can secure your account with malware protections and file-sharing settings. It’s recommended to have cloud backup software to protect your business data.

Can I delete a shared Drive?

Yes, you can delete a shared Drive. After making sure the shared Drive is empty, click the Drive you want to delete and click Delete Shared Drive to confirm. If while emptying the folder you deleted the wrong file by accident, it is possible to recover recently deleted files.

Who can create shared Drives?

Anyone with a Google Workspace account can create a Google shared Drive, add members, and set permissions. Knowing how to create and use a shared Drive is important if you want to get a job in project management or find remote work.

What are the member roles within a shared Drive?

The member roles within a shared Drive are manager, content manager, contributor or editor, commenter, and viewer. Each access level has differing permission methods when working with the files in the Drive.

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