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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Group Chat on Snapchat

If you need help figuring out how to create a group chat on Snapchat, this guide is for you. The steps to create a group chat on Snapchat are simple and straightforward. Following this step-by-step guide will teach you how to send messages, create group chats, and manage Snapchat group chats.

What Is a Group Chat in Snapchat?

A group chat in Snapchat is a type of messaging system within the application that allows a user to communicate with multiple people in one place. This chat feature allows the user to send a message to a group of people which makes it easier, more convenient, and creates a sense of belonging within the group.

Uses for Group Chat in Snapchat

  • Chat message. You can use your group chat for different purposes, such as a quick chat with colleagues, friends, or family. The group chat box allows you to have a private conversation with multiple people. You can use this feature to communicate with over 319 million users worldwide that use the app daily.
  • Sharing snaps. The group chat provides a private space for sending cool snaps. You can also send photo messages to the people in the group chat.
  • Video chat. You can use the group chat to make video calls. The video chat experience enhances communication with your friends or family on Snapchat by boosting productivity, saving time, and promoting collaboration.

Creating a Group Chat: Step-by-Step

  1. Tap the “Chat” button
  2. Tap the “New Chat” option
  3. Add people in the “To” section
  4. Change the name of the group chat
  5. Tap the “Chat with Group” button

Steps to Create a Group Chat: In-Depth

Below is the step-by-step process that allows you to make a custom group chat to share a moment with friends or time with family. There are various chat settings that you need to follow in the menu icon that’ll allow you to customize your group chat.

1. Tap the “Chat” Button

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The word-bubble chat icon is on the bottom left corner of your navigation bar. If you tap that, it’ll transfer you to a list of people that you’ve messaged in the past. You can send private messages to your friends or colleagues using the chat feature.

2. Tap the “New Chat” Option

By tapping “New Chat”, which is located on the top-right corner of the application, it’ll carry you over to the chat screen. Here, you can begin new conversations with people by adding text in the chat bar.

3. Add People in the “To” Section

On the left-hand corner of your device screen, you’ll find the “To” portion of the chat box. Click on it. Your list of friends will appear, and you can begin choosing the people you want to include in the group chat. You can add up to 31 people in one group chat. 

4. Change the Name of the Group Chat

Tapping the new chat header allows you to give the group chat a name. It’ll provide the people you’ve added some context as to why you’re messaging them. If you don’t change it, the group chat’s name will be “New Chat” as you create a message for the people who are part of it.

5. Tap the “Chat with Group” Button

Once you’re done setting up the groundwork, tap the “Chat with Group” button to begin chatting with the people included in the group chat. The blue chat button will prompt you to start typing your message for the group chat.

How to Learn More About Snapchat

  • Take regular snaps. You should try to regularly take pictures and upload them onto Snapchat. Uploading daily can help you understand how the platform operates.
  • Test out the filters. Snapchat offers different image filters and effects that enhance your content. Use these in your Snapchat story to test out which ones you like and don’t like.
  • Connect with other people. Watch other people’s stories and send them a message to connect with them. If you have a following on Snapchat, you can network with other content creators for collaborations and partnerships. Connecting with others will help you learn more about the application and how it’s utilized by other people.

How to Create a Group Chat on Snapchat FAQ

What is Snapchat?

The Snapchat app is a photo and video-sharing social media platform built for Apple and Android devices. It’s available for mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablet devices. Snapchat was founded by Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy back in 2011.

What are the features of Snapchat?

Snapchat allows its users to upload pictures and videos called snaps. These snaps are either sent discretely via private message or publicly for people to see via stories. Users can edit their snaps with different features such as inserting captions, filters, and special effects.

Is using Snapchat worth it?

Yes, using Snapchat is worth it. If you have a knack for taking aesthetically pleasing pictures and videos, you can capitalize on Snapchat as a content-sharing platform. You can build a following and use it for personal branding and networking with like-minded professionals.

How can I manage my Snapchat group?

You can manage your group chat on Snapchat by tapping the left side corner of your screen. You can manage it by auto-saving group stories, sending your location to inform other people, or adding more friends in the group chat. There are also ways to make Snapchat load faster through step-by-step instructions.

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