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A Guide to Zoom: Top Use Cases and Pro Tips

Zoom popularity skyrocketed after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Many people are now wondering how to use Zoom, or looking for Zoom tips. Video conferencing apps like Zoom allow people to meet virtually. You may have experience using Zoom for a company meeting or for online schooling. Zoom is now a major tool of communication. 

Zoom reduces heavy travel costs, saves time, and enhances collaboration across office environments. It also creates a hybrid-friendly work environment that allows people to work at the office or in remote teams. Anyone can use Zoom at home as their personal collaboration device. This article is a step-by-step guide to Zoom that includes top use cases and pro tips. 

What Is Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing tool. The all-in-one platform allows users to virtually meet each other by making audio calls, video calls, or both. The platform also offers live chat features and has recording capabilities for team members to watch later. Access to meetings can be through smartphones, smart devices, tablets, and personal computers. 

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Zoom took off in popularity because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, according to Statista, Zoom Video Communications, Inc. generated a revenue of over 2.6 billion dollars in the fiscal year 2021. 

Why Do You Need Zoom?

Zoom helps businesses solve common challenges such as prioritizing resources, time, and limited budgets. The Zoom platform is easy to use and employees can quickly learn how to use it. Upcoming meetings can be planned in advance and everyone can be notified by creating a calendar event on google. 

It enhances video communications to help businesses accomplish more. Some of Zoom’s features include unlimited cloud storage and background masking features. Zoom also allows people to stay in touch as they work remotely. According to Statista, over 14 percent of workers work from home five days a week. Zoom calls are a popular way to meet with remote coworkers.

Zoom Use Cases

  • Join a meeting: Zoom community users can join virtual meetings from different parts of the world by simply clicking a link. Other plugins such as Slack and Microsoft Outlook ensure smooth communication before and after the sessions. Employees can then watch back meeting recordings if they wish to. 
  • Streaming webinars: Zoom features include the ability to stream video webinars and livestream meetings. Use this popular feature to introduce new products and policies in a company or to increase employee engagement. You can also run courses and hold online conferences.
  • Company announcements: Create meetings to announce new updates in the organization. Management can send information to front-line workers and employees can share their concerns in a collaborative Zoom experience. 
  • Scheduled meetings: You can book a future meeting or schedule recurring meetings. Members get a reminder in their calendars and simply click the meeting URL to join when it is time. Sometimes the meeting organizer might want you to enter a meeting password for access. Security features like this make it impossible for unwanted guests to join.
  • View participants: Zoom allows users different view options to enable face-to-face time. A sidebar with small images is used during screen shares. There is also a grid view and a speaker view to get a clearer picture of each person.

Key Terms You Need to Know to Use Zoom

Host and Cohost

The online meeting host has an admin dashboard with full meeting controls. Admin controls include stopping and starting the meeting, stopping others’ videos, and removing people from the meeting. Admins also have the ability to mute participants. 

There is only one host for each meeting. Co-hosts support the host by letting team members into the meeting and sharing their screens. However, the host must appoint co-hosts after the meeting starts as they cannot start the Zoom session.

Recurring Meeting

A recurring meeting is a meeting that happens every week or month at the same time of day. Zoom allows you to schedule recurring meetings using the same settings and meeting ID. The recurring meeting needs to be changed after one year of use, as the ID expires.


An invitation is a link that invites attendees to Zoom meetings. This is usually sent by email with the meeting details. Once the host schedules a meeting, the participants receive an email inviting them to the meeting with all the information they need to access it.


This feature allows Zoom users to create polling questions of either single or multiple choice. These polls are embedded during the meetings and participants can vote while companies gather responses. This can be used for a wide range of purposes. 


The participant of a Zoom meeting is the user who is joining the meeting. Participants do not have the same permissions as hosts or co-hosts. If they want to share a video, they need permission from the host. A Zoom participant can join a meeting via a web browser without downloading the application.

Equipment You’ll Need for Zoom

  • Webcam: A webcam is helpful if your computer’s camera isn’t clear. Attending meetings via video may not always be required, but you can also improve the HD video quality by clicking HD on the video tab in your Zoom profile.
  • Laptop/tablet or smartphone: To set up Zoom, you need a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The laptop or mobile device can use an iOS or Windows operating system. It is easier to use Zoom key features on a computer, rather than a mobile device.
  • Internet connection: You won’t be able to access anything without a connection to the Internet. Make sure the connection is reliable otherwise it will keep throwing you out of the meeting. Once you’re back online you’ll need to rejoin or ask for permission to join. 
  • Microphones: In most cases, laptop microphones are sufficient for small meetings. For larger meetings, especially if you’re a keynote speaker, you may need an external microphone for better audio quality. Don’t forget to click the mute button at the start of the meeting.
  • Interactive Whiteboarding: Interactive whiteboarding comes in handy for employee training. You can share a whiteboard and use the annotate option to draw, place arrows, and include text.

How to Set Up and Start Using Zoom

Step 1: Download Zoom

To start, download Zoom onto your PC or mobile device and install it. Only the host needs to download Zoom. You can use the app on the web if you’re not hosting. Then you access meetings by clicking the link on the calendar invitation or via email.

Step 2: Sign Up

After installing Zoom, create your account on the homepage by adding all the necessary information such as your email, date of birth, and phone number. To confirm your profile, Zoom will send an email to confirm your account. Click on the link in the email and follow the next instructions. 

Step 3: Schedule or Start Meeting

After registering, enter your email and password and log in. If you prefer to schedule a meeting first, simply click on the “schedule a meeting” option on the home page. If you do not want to schedule the meeting. Then click on a new meeting and the meeting will start immediately.

Step 4: Invite People

If you choose to schedule a meeting earlier, go to the meetings option on the app and find all scheduled meetings. Click on copy invitations to get the meeting link and send it via email to the participants. Invites can also be sent to participants once the meeting has already started.

Step 5: Start Meeting

When it is time for the meeting to start, click on the start option. It will turn on the video and a pop-up box to allow you to turn on the audio. Click on the “join with computer audio” option. If you have an external microphone, this may be a different setting.

The Importance of Zoom for Business

Zoom is useful for organizations of different sizes. It is also flexible and can fit different user budgets. It is easy to use and works across several operating systems. Team members can use different devices to join the meetings irrespective of their location. 

Zoom software can be integrated with other software to offer seamless customer experiences. It can be integrated into your other apps like the Google Calendar app or Slack so you don’t need to jump from one app to another. Zoom also allows cloud recording options but requires everyone in the meeting to agree for their security and personal space. 

Top Zoom Tips: Use Zoom Like a Pro

  • Change your background: You can change your virtual experiences by changing the background on Zoom so it looks like you have mountains or the beach behind you. To do this, go to the app settings and change the virtual background. Select an image to use. This works best with a green screen. You can also choose to use a profile picture instead of your live video.
  • Turn off camera by default: Decide if you want your camera on at the start of each meeting. Go to the settings, find the video tab, check the “turn off my video” option.
  • Mute/unmute with spacebar: When you need to quickly unmute your mic and speak, press and hold your spacebar to unmute the mic and release to mute when you’re done.
  • Use a beauty filter: If you do not have enough time to put on makeup before your Zoom meeting, you can use the beauty filter to smooth your face. It can save you a lot of time. To use it, visit the video settings and find the box for “touch up my appearance” click it to put the filter on.
  • Use gallery view: The gallery view allows you to see all the participants of the meeting at the same time. Click on the gallery view option at the top right corner of the screen, and all the participants’ images will be displayed in front of you.

Zoom for Different Professions

Profession Applications
HR professionals Conducting interviews
Software engineering Communication among teams
Instructors/teachers Online learning
Data analysis Communication among teams
Web development Collaboration
Digital marketing Negotiation
Medical profession Collaborative Telehealth Technology
Banking and finance Communication among teams
Ecommerce Collaboration
UI/UX Designers Communication

Should You Use Zoom?

Yes, Zoom is an excellent addition to teams in different industries. It has become part of life to learn how to use Zoom, especially if you work from home. It has replaced traditional classrooms in many school districts. You can use Zoom to schedule a personal meeting or a professional one. 

The coronavirus pandemic ensured its success, but since then it has allowed business, schools, and industry seamless collaboration. Zoom is a means of creating virtual events that are a far cry from boring office meetings. 

How to Use Zoom FAQ

How do you set up a Zoom meeting?

You set up Zoom by downloading the Zoom client for meetings onto your desktop. If you want to use a mobile phone, see the Google play store or App Store for iOS. Then register by adding your email address. You will be required to confirm the account with the link in an email from Zoom. When this is done, you can schedule or start a meeting. 

Is Zoom free for personal use?

Zoom is free for personal use. However, the video conferencing tool comes with some limits. Meetings are only 40 minutes long and fewer participants are allowed. If you want more features, you can increase your subscription to meet your company’s needs. Almost all of the best work from home careers will require you to use Zoom at some point. 

How do you send a Zoom invite?

To send a Zoom invite, go to the meetings tab and choose the meeting you would like to share. When you have done this, click on “copy invitation”. You can now paste the invitation link in an email or WhatsApp message.

Do I need to install Zoom to join a meeting?

You do not need to install the Zoom app to join a meeting. It is possible to join through the web browser. Click on the meeting invite URL, and a tab will open asking you to join the meeting. 

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