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The Top Investing Podcasts Investing to Follow

If you’re looking for an alternate avenue of making money, you should consider investing. Unfortunately, getting started can be a little complicated and the people around you may not be personal finance experts or financial advisors. Luckily, an easy way you can find the information those professionals might recommend is by listening to investment podcasts.  The best podcasts for investing and

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The Top Podcasts for Men to Follow

Podcasts have been around for years, dating back to the 1980s. However, with advances in technology and unlimited access to the Internet, podcasts are rising in popularity, attracting over eighty million listeners per week in 2021, according to Edison Research. This number increased further during the COVID-19 pandemic, as people found ways to cope with the abrupt changes. According to Statista,

Realtor standing holding a clipboard and “For sale” sign, with a house in the background.

Realtors In 10 Years: Will Realtors Become Obsolete?

Will realtors become obsolete? This is a question that many real estate brokers and agents may be asking as technology advances. The answer is no, not yet. Consumers aren’t comfortable with relying entirely on technology for what may be the most significant transaction of their lives. There are many factors influencing whether realtors will become obsolete in 10 years. Will realtor

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